Bee Engaged this World Bee Day

Where would the world be without bees? Life would be very bleak. Today, on World Bee Day we want to share with you the lifeline our partner GreentheUK is creating by protecting these endangered species. Will you "bee engaged"?

As one of the hardest working creatures in the ecosystem, our fuzzy little friends contribute to keeping people and the planet happy and healthy. Through pollination they along with other pollinators ensure food security, sustainable agriculture, biodiversity, and the conservation of the environment – the list is practically endless.

Now you may scream when you see bees buzzing around but we are far a bigger threat to them than they are to us. The bee population is in huge decline as a result of habitat loss, intensive farming practices, changes in weather patterns (due to global warming) and the excessive use of agrochemicals such as pesticides.

If you’re not convinced by the important role they play in our livelihood then here are some facts to prove the case: 

  1. A third of the world’s food production depends on bees that’s every third spoonful of food depends on pollination.

  2. Bees and other pollinating insects have a global economic value of around £120bn ($150bn) and contribute around £690m ($850m) to the UK economy every year, according to a study by the University of Reading.

  3. Bees create a B-lines (like our road and rail network) are a series of “insect pathways” that link existing wildlife areas together across the British landscape acting as a solution to the loss of flowers and pollinators.

  4. Bumblebees can distinguish between their own ‘smelly footprints’ to improve their success in finding food and avoid pollinating flowers they’ve already visited. 

  5. They help provide ½ of the world’s fibres, oils, and other raw materials.

Whilst they’re out there helping us, we’re putting them at risk of extinction with the continuous threat from human activity. Our partner GreenTheUK are helping businesses to do their bit by supporting wildlife projects up and down the UK, delivering measurable impact at scale and here’s how you can get involved. 

Bee Engaged this World Bee Day. Support our native pollinators by planting wildflowers – create a BUZZ near you!

Imagine trying to travel around Britain without our road and rail network. For much of our wildlife this is the case – we have lost an area of wildflower meadows 1.5 times the size of Wales over the last century.  

It has been predicted that 40-70% of species could go extinct if action is not taken to enable species to move through the landscape.  

Help create pathways for wildlife, including our bees, butterflies and hoverflies, to move.

To find out more about how your business could help restore flower-rich grassland, contact our partner, GreenTheUK, at 

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