Q+A with Dom Bemrose from TTA

We believe sustainability is something that has to be industry-led as together we can combine our knowledge, best practice and resolve to create change

TTA joined isla as one of our early adopters shortly after our we launched in September 2020. We caught up with Dominic Bemrose, Business Development Director to find out about their approach to sustainability, collaboration and commitment to a green-recovery for the event sector. 


Has your attitude towards sustainability changed as a result of Covid-19?

No, prior to the global pandemic TTA had been taking steps to operate as a sustainable company and help our clients create more sustainable events. Our first steps towards this was to create a Sustainability Committee. This interrogates our corporate practices, identifies where improvements can be made and looks at appropriate measures of this. We had initially started measuring our carbon footprint and then set KPIs – with both an environmental and ethical element – to be able to measure ourselves against this going forward. Our attention then turned to our clients with a focus on the touchpoints of an event, how these can be measured and what help we could provide our customers along every step of the event lifecycle. Sadly, Covid-19 has slowed this process. However, we see collaboration with isla as a great way to boost it and take TTA forward to its next level of sustainability


Why is collaboration as an industry important to you?

We believe sustainability is something that has to be industry-led as together we can combine our knowledge, best practice and resolve to create change. As an industry we are in a unique position understand all the different elements that go into live experience, whether it is from the creative, production, logistics or venue side. We all have a part to play to help events become more sustainable and this is something we must do in good conscience. It is also something I believe will be increasingly scrutinised by both the public and governments. In much the same way that the healthcare industry has become self-regulated and implemented compliance protocols, I envisage it happening for the events industry for sustainability.


What does it mean for you to be an early adopter of isla

TTA has seen the importance of more sustainable practices both socially and environmentally for some time. However, we have often been led by our customer’s impetus or lack thereof. There has been, in some cases, a reluctance to put more sustainable options in practice either through a lack of understanding or being perceived as too expensive. As becoming more sustainable has risen higher on the agenda, it is important for us to demonstrate we are fully supportive of the drive to more sustainable events.  We value isla’s commitment to help accelerate the industry transition to a more sustainable future and we are looking forward to collaborating to demonstrate this practically in our work.  We are also excited by the prospect of measuring an event’s sustainability in a granular way and are looking forward to sharing this with our customers.

Find out more about TTA and how you can work with on your next project. Visit www.tta.live and connect with Dominic on Linkedin.

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