Chatting to the team at Amplify

We caught up with the team Amplify to discuss their thoughts on Covid-19 and sustainability, their commitment to isla and hopes for the industry as we recover from the impacts of the pandemic.

Has your attitude towards sustainability changed as a result of Covid-19? 

Sustainability was something our industry needed to take action on long before the current crisis imposed by Covid-19.

Unfortunately, in the world of brand experience we perpetuate many entrenched practices which are unsustainable for the planet. However, this moment in time has given us the opportunity to reset. To rethink and rebuild our approach, considering how our work can be more environmentally friendly and responsible for future generations.

As we navigate the balancing act between disrupted supply chains, increasingly tight budgets and catering for safe, socially distanced experiences, we can seize the opportunity for innovation. 

 We are all problem solvers at heart. Now is the time to prove it.

Richie Gage, Head of Production


Why is collaboration as an industry important to you? 

Like Covid-19, the threat to our environment is a problem shared the world over.

The responsibility to take action doesn’t just sit with a handful of agencies, it’s something we all need to act upon. As with the pandemic, collaboration can be a truly transformative way to deal with these shared challenges. From pooling resources to sharing encouragement in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

Together, we can set the standard for one another, learn from our successes and failings, and hold one another accountable.

We don’t have all the answers at Amplify, but in the spirit of these times, we are eager to learn and develop solutions. For our industry to evolve, we must embrace an open, honest and non-competitive approach. 

Martyn Read, Senior Producer


What does it mean for you to be a founder of isla

For us, being a founder of isla means embracing the responsibility for change. Ensuring sustainability isn’t just a hollow, box ticking exercise with no real action or accountability.

Historically, our industry has been very impactful on our environment, so to be at the forefront of this movement for change and innovation is invaluable to us all. 

We’re excited to join forces with fellow creatives and problem solvers, lending our expertise and experience in this industry to help shape how we can collectively benefit the greater good.

Lee Avery, Managing Director 


What does your agency currently do to support sustainability in events and how will isla help further that mission? 

At Amplify, we always look to design and build experiences with minimal impact. 

Wherever possible, we work with sustainable partners, from production through to waste management. We also look to recycle the materials we use and donate any unwanted items post event, often auctioning these to raise funds for local charities and causes.

It has been encouraging to see how environmentally focused the new generation of producers and production managers in our team are. They are a constant reminder that old school practices aren’t acceptable anymore.

As part of isla, this awareness and passion for change will only be strengthened, making us accountable as individuals and as a company to ensure we constantly strive for progress.

Jennie Mossman, Senior Producer

What do you feel will be the key success measures of success for isla in the first year? 

At a time when traditional events have been suspended, we can use this period to define new practices and standards for experiences moving forward.

Through inter-agency collaboration and group learning we can agree on common goals and ways of working towards them.

It will be crucial to not only get commitment from the heads of various agencies, but to also earn buy-in across departments. From creative through to the producers making day to day decisions on suppliers and collaborators, we need everyone working towards the same targets.

We hope that over the first year, regular sessions and Q+As that give an understanding of both the problems and aspirations will help sow deep understanding throughout isla’s partner network.

Simon Richardson, Creative Strategist


What are you most excited about for isla

We’re excited that isla has taken up the challenge of setting new benchmarks for sustainable, industry-wide practice. We can’t wait to see what will come from it, and to share experiences and advice with our peers in the industry.

It can be a struggle to convince clients of the value of sustainability, especially when it is often more costly, so having this wealth of knowledge and experience at our disposal will be a great help. 

Unlike past attempts to bring about change, isla has the chance to be different. The names involved are some of the most experienced and influential in the industry and this ground swell of desire to seize responsibility gives us a fighting chance to enact real change.

Biddy Compton, Production Manager

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