From boardroom meetings for 10 to a 100,000 PAX exhibition, a festival brand activation to a televised awards show, the work this industry undertakes is as diverse as the people in it. But, whether we work with clients or we are clients, we all experience the same challenges. 

Figuring out how to make registration queues flow, passing ‘just a little bit’ of pyro through Health & Safety, or re-working a set design two weeks before going live are just a couple of the challenges that crop up and impact on a whole production, whether you face them in an agency, as a supplier or as a venue. 

In spite of these common experiences, different strands tackle the challenges with unique knowledge, expertise and skills. Whether you work as a freelancer, as part of an in-house corporate event team or for an exhibition organiser, the way that these problems are approached will all be different and will all have different solutions. 

Only through collaboration, knowledge sharing, re-education and focused support can we begin to tackle the challenges our industry faces. This is true for all areas of challenge, but at isla our core centres on environmental sustainability.

Our working groups will cover a number of areas from production and material choices through to catering solutions and transportation.

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